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From craft beer and community events, to studio merch, content marketing and influencer campaigns—some people want it all, but effective branding is about de/refining your brand essence and message, and should be engaging for your audience, unique to your brand and, most importantly, reliable. Whether you’re looking for a full-on rebranding, need a couple of good ideas for a campaign or “just want the web to look good, man”—I’m a Brooklyn based BRAND STRATEGIST and CREATIVE DIRECTOR, now available for freelance.

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Veronica Mike is a strategist and CD specialized in brand development and storytelling. She holds a BA in Art Direction and previous Chief Editor and CD at Oslo-based ANTI, where she founded design magazine A New Type of Imprint (Best Design Media 2018). Mike is an engaged creative, she has received several awards and nominations for her work, represents Norway as a juror in two international design awards and is a frequent keynote lecturer on design and creative thinking.


Creative Confessions (2019), 80085 For Charity (2019), Good Space Collective (2018), Granted Grafill Scholarship (2018), Commanded Art Director of the Year (2018), Best Design Media (2018), Design Magazine of The Year (2018), Jury European Design Awards (2019), Jury DNA Paris (2019) 



Creative Concultancy, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Brand Design, Content Strategy, Content Production.


Adobe Creative Meetup, DNA Paris, Creative Mornings, Visuelt Design Festival, Westerdals Oslo ACT, Kristiania University.


Mental Health in The Creative IndustryThe Great Success, Letter of Suckingness, The Pursuit of (Creative) Happiness, Big Little Liars.


Adobe, N Wind, Eye on Design, It’s Nice ThatNew Nordic Design, IdN Volume 24 No.2, Spinnesiden Podcast (NO).


Jury member European Design Awards (2019), Jury member DNA Paris (2019), Best Design Media by A’ Design Award (2018), Design Magazine of the Year by Årets Tidsskrift (2018), Nominated Editor of The Year by Stack Award (2017), Gold in Print Design by Visuelt (2017), Nominated Editor of The Year by Stack Award (2016), Silver in Print Design by Visuelt (2016), Silver in Print Design By Gullblyanten (2016), Blogger of The Year by Vixen (2013), Most Inspiring Blogger by Vixen (2011).

Best Design Media Jury Note, “The selection was made by thousands of award winning designers who have voted A New Type of Imprint as one of the best design publications to follow, admire and get inspired by.”

The Great Success,
ANTI (2018),

Michael Neil says that psychologically, our need to succeed can be understood through our self-image. “Our problems do not arise because we want things—they come about because we link our self-image to our attempts to get them. After all, “score” enough goals and I’m a winner; no goals at all and I’m a loser”. And who wants to be a loser? Read more.